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Current Events

2016nov-40offflyersmTis the Season of Giving!  And We’re Giving up to 40% off during 30 Days of Gratitude!

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Previous Events

2016 SYPD Pledge badgeSeptember, 2016: Save Your Photos Month
Topic: TBD
Time & Place: TBD


February 2016 – Tulsa Genealogy Society
Topic:  Digitizing and Preserving Family Photos

Custom Classes

Topic: Choosing a photo sharing website
Confused about what tool to use to share your photos with others?  Facebook, Shutterfly, Flickr, Google, Dropbox and the list goes on.  In this session we’ll discuss pros and cons of these tools and maybe some tools you haven’t heard of.  Also discussed are privacy rights and how your photos are stored.    We’ll cover the options then that best meet your needs.

Topic: Syncing/Saving Photos on your Smartphone
Okay, so you have a smartphone and you’ve taken a ton of photos.  Now, you’re running out of storage space and you start deleting them because you’re not sure how to get them to your desktop, or where might be the best place to store them.   We’ll provide tips, tools and resources on how you can get your photos off your smartphone so you can take even more!

The Cloud eventTopic: Personal Cloud vs “The Cloud” Storage
You may have heard of the “the Cloud” but did you also know there is “the personal cloud”?  Join us in this informative session to learn about “the cloud” and what the differences are from the “personal cloud”.  We’ll then discuss some popular tools and sits and their pros and cons.  Tip: Having cloud storage offers yet another backup option for your photos and videos.