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Did you know that five million pictures are taken daily?  Why? Because…

We. Take. Pictures. Of. Everything. In addition to digital photos, there are over 1.7 trillion paper photos stored in albums, attics & shoe boxes. All of these photos represent the heart and soul of a family’s story. And because of this, photo management chaos has ensued. Photos accumulate on our phone, the cloud, on a hard drive or even worse… on an old computer. On top of that, our old film photos are still in shoe boxes hiding the memories that shaped who we are today.  We no longer have an accessible, tangible reminder to share. Source: APPO

Moore Reflections offers a variety of services helping you to preserve and share your history is a passion of ours — whether it be family, sports or your business. We want to help you preserve and share your story for yourself and others.  To view more information on our Services, click on the headings below. Don’t see something? Just contact us!

Organize Photo Services


Have you inherited or collected printed photos over the years? Maybe you have photos stored on a variety of devices? We will work with you to help organize your photos, or videos, and store them safely.
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Transform and Preserve Photo Services

Transform and Preserve

Want to preserve you printed photos electronically?  Do you have photos that are in need of some TLC?  We can help by scanning and editing your precious photos.  Anything from light touch-ups to more extensive restoration such as in the marriage certificate above.  We’ll also help you with a backup and storage plan for you photos.
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Reflect and Share Photos and Videos Services

Reflect and Share

We would love to help you tell your story.  Whether it is of your grandfather, child or yourself.  From sharing family recipes in a cookbook, to display your children’s photos growing up in a video slideshow or custom photo book.  We can also provide wall art to display that favorite family photo or of a favorite vacation spot.
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