2016_SaveYourPhotos_ScanningSpecial“Save Your Photos” Shoebox Scanning Special

September is “Save Your Photos” Month!  What will you do to save your photos?

Through September 24, 2016 I’m offering a scanning special on loose photos.   Many of us still have printed photos stored in sleeves, shoe boxes, drawers, whatever.   This is a great opportunity to get all those loose photos digitized!


To get this great deal, your photos will be processed personally, but scanned through a feeder.  So, all photos must be free of staples, glue, paper clips and all other foreign objects.

We love scanning photos for archival purposes, but photos that are stored in albums or any any other media must be priced separately.

If there is any tape, glue or other materials that might impede the scanning we may not be able to include them in the batch scanner. If the photos are too thick, or for other reasons cannot be scanned, we will separate those images and offer to scan them individually for an additional charge. Photographs must be able to slightly bend with little or no effort. Aged and delicate photos will be scanned individually at our regular prices.

We will notify you have any photos that cannot be scanned at our special rate.