Homemade ice cream

Working for ice cream Credit: patentpending.blogs.com

Do you find yourself or other family members asking for Grandma’s wacky cake recipe?  How about creating a Family Recipe Photo Book?  Not only sharing recipes, but adding photos and stories with those family favorites.

I love food.  I’m the first to admit it, and I also love my family.   Some of the fondest memories I have is eating homemade ice cream at family gatherings.  One of my favorites was banana ice cream.  But we sure had to work for that ice cream.  Each of us kids had to take turns sitting on the hand-cranked ice cream maker until our rears were sore or too cold to sit on it anymore.  Or, at least that’s how I remember it.

So, what would I look for in putting together a quality family recipe photo book?

Cookbook software

Look for software that allow you to import ingredients, directions, stories (or comments) and photos.   The ability to customize your book and being able to export to PDF or a publisher is also important.

Involve family members

Another feature to look for is having co-authors.  Or, at least the ability to share the work-in-progress book while gathering recipes.  But most importantly is asking other family members to share their precious family recipes and stories.  When including recipes from other family members, be sure to also include whom the recipe originated from and who contributed the recipe to the book.

Take pictures

One tip for food photography is to use natural light (camera flash never looks good).  Photographing next to a large window is best for natural light. Also try to keep it simple; remove any random things from the field of the picture, try to just make the food look good and don’t distract from it.

Include stories

What better way to write a family recipe book than to include stories.  We love sharing memories, and especially of those that are no longer with us.  Including a fond story along with the recipe helps to pass on family stories.

Publishing the Photo book


Family Recipe Photo Book