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Celebrating Father’s Day

Father Son Bootcamp combined photos

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work on several special projects honoring those that are, or have served in the military.  The projects involved either restoring or retouching photographs.  While another project involved combining two generations along with adding my design abilities for a surprise Father’s Day gift.  This was an idea the client had in mind for several years until they found me at a recent event.  And, with the clients’ permission has allowed me to post a copy of the final work.

I didn’t even consider the idea that the client would suggest I display the photo; so I had in mind to display my first ever photo editing work I did over 10 years ago.  So, I will still display it.  This involved combining two generations; my husband and his two sons, all when they were babies.  It was a surprise birthday gift for my husband and he was more touched by that gift than anything else I could give him.  Now that I’ve learned so much since then, I will be redoing that print and adding our first grandchild.

So, what might be something special for the Father in your life?

  • A photo print that combines more than one generation.
  • A special photo in need of restoration work.
  • A custom photo book displaying photos of he and his children, or maybe a book celebrating his parents?
  • Is there a special video tape that he would love to see again?
  • Then of course there is Pinterest.  I’ve seen several ideas using blocks with photos adhered to them along with letters, spelling out the word D-A-D.

The possibilities are really endless.  So, put your thinking caps on do something special for that dad or father in your life.  Collect memories, not things!

If you like the idea of any of these projects and need assistance, please contact me.