Did you know there’s actually a “Get Organized Month”? It kicks off in January. And what a better month, than January, to get organized than after the holidays?

The Plan

What do you envision? Is it to organize all your printed photos, slides and negatives? Maybe you have old movies? Or, perhaps you have multiple phones, computers and other devices, or you have several “cloud” accounts that you find difficulty managing. Whatever it is, develop a system that fits you, your needs and schedule.

Dedicate Space

Set aside space (if you’re dealing with physical objects). You need room, even if it’s just a table to work with your items. If you’re focusing on digital items, dedicate one computer and make sure you have plenty of room on that computer to organize your collection.

Create a routine or schedule

If you’re starting from scratch on getting organized, dedicate a few hours each week to go through your collection. Whatever time that works for you.

Weed Out Your Collection

As you go through your collection of photos, slides, whatever you’re working with, think about this. Do you really need to keep everything? Maybe you’ve gone on a trip and you have 3 different photos of a beautiful mountain. Well, if you’ve gone on 20 different trips and each one has multiple versions of the same shot. That can really add up. So, remove those bad, blurry and umpteenth versions. Your family will thank you!

TIP: Spend maybe two seconds on each photo. Don’t go down memory lane!


Before you know it, you’ll be weeding out those boxes or folders of photo collections. There’s always exceptions to this though!!!! This is just a general guideline. Next time, I’ll focus on some tips for your digital collection.

Have questions or need additional help with your photo/memory collection? Give me a call!