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Our Wedding

Today marks our 24th wedding anniversary!    Being that it’s our anniversary, I thought I would share a little something personal about our wedding.   I don’t want to just help people preserve photos, but their memories that those photos support and hope this inspires you.

But first, a little background

At the time when my soon-to-be-husband proposed to me, we had been dating four years.  It was an eternity to me!  It was in the middle of the summer and the air conditioner had just gone out; so we went swimming at my best friend’s instead of out to eat to celebrate.  That’s just how we rolled.

It was quite the year.  I just graduated from college and had turned 30.   I was also working about 68-80 hours a week in Houston on a contract job, flying home about every other weekend. In addition, my soon-to-be-husband’s company was getting ready to shut their doors in November.  We decided then to get married October.   All the money I had went towards living expenses and getting my degree.  So, I was on a limited budget and had little time to shop for anything.

My Wedding Story

When it came time to plan the wedding I got a little creative, especially when it came to shopping for my wedding dress.  Mind you, this was before the Internet when we still relied on the Yellow Pages.

In the evenings, after work I would pour over wedding magazines looking for the dress I had in mind.  Then, I found the perfect dress!  But with my crazy hours, how was I going to get it?  So, I went through the Yellow Pages and discovered a woman that custom ordered wedding dresses.  It was perfect!

I contacted the person who had the ad.   We spoke for a bit and agreed to meet at Lord & Taylor’s in the Galleria (as my hotel was near there).  We met in one of the dressing rooms where she measured me and I gave her the photo and details of the wedding dress I wanted.  I think I spent $90 on the dress.  A month later, it arrived in the mail.  It fit perfectly!

The wedding dress hangs in my closet, although I couldn’t fit into right now.  But, maybe by our 25th anniversary!  A girl can only hope, right?

I hope this little story inspires you to capture your memories along with your photos from your wedding day, or some other special event in your life.