Have you traveled to Africa? Or, have some special photos from a trip you’d love to wake up to each morning?

One of my dear friends from my Williams days went to Africa a few years ago with her husband.  She told me stories of how she was able to capture photos on their safari.  She says she just got lucky with the shots, as they are in their natural habitat.  And their guide had certain rules they had to abide by.  But I think it was more than just luck.  When you look at the photos she took, they are absolutely amazing!

Canvas Collage reflects on trip to AfricaThey were living abroad at the time when they went to Africa.  When they moved back to the States, she was needed by her family.  So, her idea of displaying her photos from Africa was put on the back-burner.  Until, this last Christmas when she read one of my posts on Facebook and had decided it was time to cross this project off her to-do list.  So, she contacted me!

I met her at her house and we went through photos that she had in mind to display.  She wanted 9 photos in 12″x12″ canvas wraps.  After the decision was made on which photos would be displayed in her bedroom, I soon started her request.   My behind-the-scenes effort involved two different printers as one of my printers went out-of-business!!!  I was devastated.  So, my search for a quality, professional canvas printer began.   I’m proud to say, and she looked quite happy, that today we were able to hang her collage of canvas prints.

Aren’t her photos wonderful?   She had a vision of what she wanted, and I was happy to help her with that goal.  So, if you have photos from a trip that you think of fondly, don’t keep them tucked away in a shoe-box or on your computer.  Get them out; hang them on a wall, or create a photo album.  The possibilities are endless!