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Last month I asked for responses to probably one of the shortest surveys ever http://Photo Storage Survey (Jan 2017).   Here is a reminder of the questions:

    1. What Photo service(s) do you use for backing up your photos?
    2. What storage service(s) do you use for backing all your photos, documents, etc?
    3. How often do you backup your photos and/or documents?

Q1:  What was interesting is that Dropbox was #1 as the photo service for backing up photos.

Q2:  Here,  Dropbox tied with External Hard Drives for backing up all your documents, photos, etc.

Q3:  What do you think is the number #1 response?  It’s a tie!  Between Daily and “Whenever I get to it”.

What do you think of these responses?

Since I have a technical background I’d like to offer tips and possibly workshops (in-person or on-line) on the various tools commonly used and introduce you to some tools you may have not even heard of. This includes how to get your photos off your phones easily and share with others.

So, keep a look out for more information!!!  If there is something you would love to learn about let me know.