Unique Gifts for the Holidays

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If you’re like most people, you may wait until Thanksgiving to start the holiday gift buying. However, if you want to give something truly special and personal, that gift can take a little longer to prepare.

Photos and videos provide something special that invoke memories.  It’s something from the heart that you can’t purchase from a store. Here are some of my favorite personal gifts.

3 Generations

1. Kid’s Artwork / Photo Designs: You provide photos or scans of your child’s artwork and we put them into a beautiful gallery print format.

2.  Calendar: Select 12 or more of your favorite photos and use it to create a one-of-a-kind calendar. These are both useful and showcase some your favorite photos from the year.  Print for yourself, or order multiples for inexpensive gifts.

Memory Books:  Memory books (aka photo books) are designed to capture a snapshot of your family in photos and memories.  These books can tell a story from the current year,  a special event, or of a person’s life; even the history of a company.   This is especially meaningful to families with aging parents and a great opportunity for the “kids” to learn about and share their family stories.

Organizing Photos4. Legacy Box: A collection of high-quality archival photo boxes designed to store your printed photos and memorabilia; sold only by APPO members.

5. Scanned Photos and Slides: The best way to preserve your cherished printed photos is to digitize them…AND share them!

6. Digitized Videos: Transferring your old memories from tapes to DVD or another media is not only the best way to preserve them, but gives you an opportunity to reconnect with the people and the memories.

Restoration of Marriage Certificate7.  Restored Digital Photos Have photos or artwork that is in disrepair?  Don’t despair!   Most photographs can be scanned and digitally restored.  What a great gift it is to give something you thought you would no longer be able to enjoy.

8.  Organized Photos: Spend some time with a professional who will help you get started, or organize some or all of your photos for you.  

9. Gift Certificates:  Sometimes it’s hard to do projects like these on your own. There is so much joy in the process as you select the photos and relive the memories. The stories that come out…priceless!


There are certainly numerous other photo or video related gifts.  We are only limited by our imaginations!

Update: This article was updated November 11, 2018.  Originally published November 13, 2016.