World Backup DayDo you backup your computers?  Did you know that there is a day dedicated to remind folks to backup their data?  For 2018, that day is Saturday, March 31st.

As we become more dependent on technology, it’s important to archive and backup our digital photos, documents, videos and other data.  If your computer suddenly stopped working, or you lost your phone with all your photos, would you be able to replace those photos or information?  

So, how do we protect ourselves?  By using the 3-2-1 Method.

Using the 3-2-1 Method, I personally use a combination of an external harddrive and Backblaze to backup my computers.  My iPhone is backed up periodically with iTunes, which is stored on my laptop.  Not everyone though is comfortable with using a Cloud Backup Service, but it does have it’s advantages.; we just need to be well informed.

If you’re not comfortable with using a cloud backup service, then I recommend using at least two external hard drives.  Alternate backing up your computers and other devises to the external hard drives and storing off-site.; like at a relatives house.  Just keep in mind that whatever method you use, you have at least two backup copies.  In case something happens to one of the backups.


Using an external hard drive?  Make a label that includes the date you purchased the hard drive.  Also, include your name and device(s) that are included in the backup.