How do you want to reflect on your Summer Memories?

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bykst / Pixabay

Have you taken a big trip this summer?  Or, some other special event happened this summer?  Did you take photos, or collect any memorabilia?

Why did you take photos in the first place?  For most it’s to capture the moment, and preserve those memories.  Why bother taking the pictures if you do not put them into something where you can enjoy them?  Well, here’s a few suggestions for keeping up with those photos so you’re not wondering where they are in a year or so down the road.

Collect your photos

  1. The first thing you should do is create  a folder on your computer (ex. 2016_08 summer vacation).
  2. Next, collect your photos from all the devices and the cloud (ex. smartphone, camera SD cards, etc).
  3. Now, put all the photos into this new folder.

How do you want to reflect on those photos?

So, now you have all your photos together in one place on your computer.  How do you want to view those photos?  Possibly, in a scrapbook, photo album or photo book?  Maybe print a few special photos and display in a collage, canvas print, or what about a slideshow?  The possibilities are endless.  Think about how you want to see those photos down the road.

Act on It

Make the time to act on it, now.  Don’t wait until something else happens, or it may be more difficult to catch up and you may never get it done.

  1. Renaming and adding tags will help find those photos in the future.
  2. But what did you decide to do with the photos you want to reflect on?  Whatever media you decided on, do it now while it’s fresh on your mind.  After all, what was the purpose of taking all those photos?  To preserve them, right?

TIP:  Wanting an album?  You don’t have to use include all the photos, especially if you have a ton of photos. The more pics you have, the more pages will be in your book. So, create another sub-folder and copy the good photos to “album”.  Weed out the blurry images and the duplicates.  This will be easier when creating an album and can be deleted later.

No time or desire to preserve those memories?  Let a professional photo organizer help you out.  We can recommend a variety of options and get the work done so you can enjoy those precious memories.  And, we love helping others to preserve memories.

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