Old Window Frame with Photos

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Want to display your photos in a unique way?  Here is an idea using an old window frame.

Using an Old Window Frame

Old Window Frame IdeaSeveral years ago I gave this window frame with photos to my dad as a Christmas gift.  This included some of my favorite photos of my sisters and I from when we were kids and then later after we had kids.   Even several years ago I thought it was a pretty cool idea and didn’t see this done very much at the time.

I sanded down some of the old nasty paint and painted over in a couple of different colors.  For the lettering I used a vinyl adhesive.  (Yes, I have a Silhouette and am super happy with it.)  Then decided on what photographs to use and their placement.

Since my dad passed away this past December, I finally decided on a perfect spot and hung it up today.  I may end up changing the photos out as the family grows; but for now I love looking at these, just they way they are.

Future Projects

What’s next?  A few weeks ago I bought another window frame and will display our wedding photo.   That is, I’ll work on repainting when it’s comfortable enough outside to work on it. There are also more photos to hang and I need to leave room since our first grandchild arrived last fall.

If you want something custom for your home, but do not have the time or patient; give me a call!  You can check out my gallery or Facebook page for other ideas.

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