Holiday photo

This isn’t about organizing old photos. Save that task for a rainy day. Instead, these are tips on keeping up with new photos you take this holiday season.

  1. Delete bad photos immediately
    Delete photos that are blurry, badly composed, or duplicates while they’re on your camera or smartphone.  If you take 15-20 minutes each day, this will save you time down the road.
  2. Consolidate your photos
    Each week, or maybe once a day (depending on the number of photos taken) consolidate your photos into one place.  Whether you save to your computer, cloud or other storage device.  Not sure the best place?  Call me and I’ll help guide you through options that best fit you and your family.

These two tips alone will help you manage your photos for the future.  Then, on those rainy days you can work on the older photos.  It’s never too late!